evocation table

evocation table

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liber Spirituum su Goetia

Book of Spirits, in line with the methods of the Fourth book of Occult Philosophy in design and usage. Although not mentioned in the Goetia, the methods, prayers and procedures I use through the dictated texts are added along with the parchment sigil seals which were present during successful evocations to physical manifestations. ( Not the metal lamen seal but one used in the binding of any oaths or to be sealed in black box)

The seal is adhered to the drawing of the spirit on the left page, while all pertinent information basic and learned during the ceremony is written on the left. Two quill pens are used to scribe in the book, one goose and one black crow. Each have their special ink and purpose.
Front and back of BOS have silver plates bearing appropriate symbols to the work: Front has Solomon's table figure with pentagram, hexagram, and seal engraved on a plate below. Back (shown) has grand pentacle with plate below (not engraved as of yet)


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