evocation table

evocation table

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Selection of Podcasts

If I was doing this properly, I would have had a post about each podcast I've been on, explaining a bit about the content and also the host. Perhaps I will be better about this in the future, but for now I wanted to list many of the podcasts I've been on in recent years incase readers of the blog were unaware:

I hope you all enjoy.  I must say I've had excellent experiences with the hosts one ach of theses shows. 

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Three YEARS!

Three YEARS Since I've posted on this Blog. If Anyone kept up with me solely by my 'Magicians Workings' blog I reckon they would think me inactive and removed from the online-magical world. 

Quite the contrary is true however. I've been busier than I ever have been.   With continual orders coming in from clients requesting talismans, evocations, magical consulting, wands, knives, circles, and nearly every known magical article imaginable I could likely do magic- professionally- full time.

Most of my online interaction and orders have been through FACEBOOK for the past several years and it takes up most of my time responding to inquiries and questions there. I've had a few messages about this blog however and I'll be doing my best to update it as well.

I've been on Several podcasts, most of which you can find on YouTube. Must Recently I was a guest on "Witches and Wine", "Occult of Personality", and "Glitch Bottle".

I've traveled to England the past two years to host three day workshops on Solomonic and Ceremonial Magic.  

I am posting now to make everyone aware of the  SKILLS OF THE CEREMONIAL MAGICIAN Workshop I will be hosting in the USA in June.

Click on the link below for more info:

Skills of the Ceremonial Magician Workshop

There is still time to sign up!  

I believe my blog as been riddled with many spam comments too which I'll have to sift through those as well.

Again I will try to update this blog more as I feel its still a valued online resource. Not only that but it hails back to my very beginnings of sharing my magical path with the public.