evocation table

evocation table

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Angels

April 24th Easter Sunday. 0610am..Notes:

Woke up tired but mind more empty..Washed face and hands but did not shower. Operation now ritualized with sure steps:
1. Arrive in Oratory and light my main oil lamp.
2. Walk clockwise around perimeter, open white curtains of altar space, and secure side openings. I also get charcoal and a side burner ready and place it near the canopy.

3. Retrieve my Alamadel materials from my altar cabinet. Three white church linens contain three parts of the Almadel setup. The first on the bottom hold the four white candles and candlesticks. The second cold the wax Almadel tablet and silver talisman. The third hold the crystal ball, gold crystal stand and white incense burner. I also retrieve my printed invocation on two sheets of parchment and a pure white card stock sheet. I place the items within the coiled white rope that sets the perimeter of my working space in front of the curtained canopy.

4. First, I unwrap the large linen that contains the candles and candlesticks, place the linen on the altar as the main altar cloth and then set the white card stock directly in the center which the candle sticks will be placed on. I then arrange the candlesticks in approximate distance for the Almadel to sit on and place the candles securely within. I then unwrap the Almadel, remove the talisman and set it upon the Altar cloth. Then, without touching the Almadel with my bare hands, I use the linen to arrange the tablet on the four candlesticks. I then set the silver talisman directly in the center. Next, I unwrap the crystal ball and stand making sure I do not touch the polished crystal with my bare hands. I arrange the stand over the silver talisman and palace the crystal ball on the stand using the linen.

5. When that is set and the tablet is balanced well between the candles, I light the charcoal using the light from my oil lamp. When the charcoal is burning and being ready to be used I begin with a set of purifying prayers to God and use a bit of my will to become centered and clear my mind and heart for what I'm about to do. When I feel ready I light the candles ( I begin with the one in the far left which I designate as the 'Eastern' most candle, then moving clockwise I go in order: South, West, then North). I then recite the Invocation which is printed on my parchment and given in the Lemegeton. This morning the call was to the angel Borachiel (BRa+Chy+El) "Life Creator of God")
 My first invocation I vibrated the holy names but only had moderate attention and will put into what I was saying and became distracted when I noticed the Almadel tablet looked uneven upon the candlesticks. I resorted to correcting the placement, trying to level the tablet without touching it but felt I had lost the focus of my ritual. I decided to begin again and this time I poured my full concentration and will into what I was saying and did not bother with 'vibrating' the words so in as much as I felt and spoke of the power those names represented. Even more so than before, I focused solely on what I was doing and thought of nothing else. Somewhere in the midst of my invocation, I began to feel a presence descend and recognized the unmistakable increase in light and density above the tablet. I transferred the charcoal to my white clay censor and placed a bit of mastic powder upon it. I then placed the censor under the Almadel and the perfume began to swirl around the tablet, candles, and crystal stone.
I then recited the invocation and prayer to the angel ending it with my personal desire to see, hear, and communicate clearer with all manor of spirits I would seek to call. I then sat and let my gaze become enveloped by the glowing presence of the Almadel and crystal sphere. I gazed for some time and eventually beheld a man like figure in the right side of the ball which moved to the forefront. I focused my gaze on this figure but had trouble seeing it clearer. At this same time, I immediately became aware of the fact that every time I begin to behold a spiritual being, I get so excited to tell others of this experience that I get distracted and lose focus of the operation. This point has been a bit too prevalent in my works of late. With a sense of deliberate will, I wiped away all distracting thoughts and spoke aloud and directly toward the figure asking that my mind be clear and focused only on itself and learning what it had to offer. I at once began speaking a prayer and invocation of my own spontaneous invention. It came out of a sincere desire to converse with the being who was gracious enough to even attend upon my ceremony.

This time the Almadel sparked (the candles and lights actually sparked) and a large gold and white mist enveloped the entire altar table. I saw the image of the figure move to the back of the sphere and this time it took on a very distinct 3D image of a thin, masculine face looking directly at me. At fist I was sure my eyes had focused on my own reflection which had not been there previously, but I moved my head from side to side and the image did not follow my movements. I heard clear instructions in my mind that I was to close my eyes and count ten slow breaths, thinking on absolutely nothing but my breathing. I did so and felt all thoughts, cares, and even physical sensation drift away. When I reopened my eyes I had no thought in my mind but saw the face again, even clearer than before. it turned and extended an arm and hand which swirling clouds or misty forms appeared over. At once I began speaking again as if this begin was helping me to correct my mind and intentions toward what this art was really about. I spoke something along the lines of, " Oh great angel of the East, of the Dawn and new fresh beginnings of life and day, you angel of the East, of air, of springtime and youth, grant my mind clear of all needless folly, thoughts, and distraction which intrudes on your true gifts. Let my mind be still to receive thee, and my heart be open to your teachings and words that I may better connect with the truth of divine living."
After this spontaneous prayer, I felt a block that was somewhere hidden between my mind and my heart release and I began to weep. I saw images of the face turn and be seen in profile only to move froward and backward in perspective, I saw the lights shimmer but more so i felt clarity of mind I have not felt for a long while. my mind was quite but my heart was overflowing with a release of emotion I am not able to put into words. I stayed a long while just watching the figure before me move every so often and show various images above its outstretched hand. My mind remained still and calm. Emotionally, I felt more than I could comprehend. I prayed in thanks a long while after. I prayed with full heart and empty of distracting thoughts. my eyes still tear at the sensation and remembrance

I'm really quite the fool sometimes, but thankful, oh so thankful for this experience. I'm not quite sure why such beings even waste the time to converse with me, but I'm so glad they do, ...and so glad I took the time to try.