evocation table

evocation table

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Art of Drawing spirits into crystals – Online Master Class

Sunday, January 5 through Saturday, January 11, 2020

personal instruction in this incredibly simple yet highly Effective method of angelic communciation and invocation.     For those desiring to not just read but be shown the details of this art in detail, this is a class you don’t want to miss!

This online course is intended for those that wish to learn the methods used and continually practiced by Frater Ashen Chassan in “The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals.” The seven-day master course will begin with a live video lecture and discussion each day where the author will be answering questions and relating information in real time. The student may go back and ask further questions as well as review the video material.  The material covered will not only be talked about but shown in detail and sometimes demonstrated directly. 
-Cost for the full DSIC Master course will be $256.00 payable via PAYPAL to BryanAshen@yahoo.com. It will be in a private FAcebook group so being on Facebook is required for this particular course.

Day 1 – Frater Ashen Chassan’s background, RESEARCH, HISTORY of the art and personal Practice

Purpose: For all attendees to be more knowledgeable in the contexts of classical Solomonic Magic and have a thorough understanding and comprehension of the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals, as well as its mechanisms and application.
    1. Course overview and what students can expect

    2. The reality and fantasy of magic, proper expectations

    3. Experiences and background in evocation leading up to DSIC

    4. Continued practice, study and evocations for clients

    5. The 5 Stages of Solomonic Magic Evocation: Consecratio Dei, Invacatio, Constrictio, Ligatio, Licentia

Day 2 – Consecrations, vestments and impliments 

    1. The consecration of salt, water, incense and oil. Following the formula of consecrating magical materia. Sources to Find the below materials or discounts from ordering directly from the author:

    2. The Robe or Alb

    3. Lamen

    4. Magical Ring

    5. Ebony Wand

Day 3 - Magical Materia COntinued

    1. The Magical Circle

    2. The Crystal Pedestal 

    3. The Holy Table 

    4. The Book of Spirits or Liber Spirituum 

    5. Altar of the Stars

    6. Tripod or Incense Burner

    7. Seven Planetary Incenses 

    8. Candles and Candlesticks

Day 4 – Covering the offices of the holy Archangels 

    1. Correspondences and associations concerning the planetary angels

    2. Appearances and presence of the spirits (experiences of Frater Ashen and his scryer Benn)

    3. The planetary angel’s office, day and hour

    4. Personal experiences and results with the planetary angels

Day 5 – Invocations and working with a scryer

    1. The Magicians voice and speaking the invocations - singing the divine names

    2. The art and practice of the scryer - working with others

    3. Hypnosis, meditation and trance as methods to awaken spiritual sight

Day 6 – Preparing for the operation 

    1. Preliminary steps prior to Solomonic Evocation: Abstaining, fasting, washing and prayer

    2. Choosing the correct questions and a method of recording the experience

    3. Proper setup of the ritual space

Day 7 – Conducting the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals

    1. Conducting the full operation of DSIC, a demonstration of arranging the working space

    2. Concluding the Rite and recording experiences

    3. Banishing, cleansing or exorcising the working space after

    4. Contacting lesser known entities and Angels