evocation table

evocation table

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Art of Drawing spirits into crystals – Online Master Class

Sunday, January 5 through Saturday, January 11, 2020

personal instruction in this incredibly simple yet highly Effective method of angelic communciation and invocation.     For those desiring to not just read but be shown the details of this art in detail, this is a class you don’t want to miss!

This online course is intended for those that wish to learn the methods used and continually practiced by Frater Ashen Chassan in “The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals.” The seven-day master course will begin with a live video lecture and discussion each day where the author will be answering questions and relating information in real time. The student may go back and ask further questions as well as review the video material.  The material covered will not only be talked about but shown in detail and sometimes demonstrated directly. 
-Cost for the full DSIC Master course will be $256.00 payable via PAYPAL to BryanAshen@yahoo.com. It will be in a private FAcebook group so being on Facebook is required for this particular course.

Day 1 – Frater Ashen Chassan’s background, RESEARCH, HISTORY of the art and personal Practice

Purpose: For all attendees to be more knowledgeable in the contexts of classical Solomonic Magic and have a thorough understanding and comprehension of the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals, as well as its mechanisms and application.
    1. Course overview and what students can expect

    2. The reality and fantasy of magic, proper expectations

    3. Experiences and background in evocation leading up to DSIC

    4. Continued practice, study and evocations for clients

    5. The 5 Stages of Solomonic Magic Evocation: Consecratio Dei, Invacatio, Constrictio, Ligatio, Licentia

Day 2 – Consecrations, vestments and impliments 

    1. The consecration of salt, water, incense and oil. Following the formula of consecrating magical materia. Sources to Find the below materials or discounts from ordering directly from the author:

    2. The Robe or Alb

    3. Lamen

    4. Magical Ring

    5. Ebony Wand

Day 3 - Magical Materia COntinued

    1. The Magical Circle

    2. The Crystal Pedestal 

    3. The Holy Table 

    4. The Book of Spirits or Liber Spirituum 

    5. Altar of the Stars

    6. Tripod or Incense Burner

    7. Seven Planetary Incenses 

    8. Candles and Candlesticks

Day 4 – Covering the offices of the holy Archangels 

    1. Correspondences and associations concerning the planetary angels

    2. Appearances and presence of the spirits (experiences of Frater Ashen and his scryer Benn)

    3. The planetary angel’s office, day and hour

    4. Personal experiences and results with the planetary angels

Day 5 – Invocations and working with a scryer

    1. The Magicians voice and speaking the invocations - singing the divine names

    2. The art and practice of the scryer - working with others

    3. Hypnosis, meditation and trance as methods to awaken spiritual sight

Day 6 – Preparing for the operation 

    1. Preliminary steps prior to Solomonic Evocation: Abstaining, fasting, washing and prayer

    2. Choosing the correct questions and a method of recording the experience

    3. Proper setup of the ritual space

Day 7 – Conducting the Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals

    1. Conducting the full operation of DSIC, a demonstration of arranging the working space

    2. Concluding the Rite and recording experiences

    3. Banishing, cleansing or exorcising the working space after

    4. Contacting lesser known entities and Angels 

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Selection of Podcasts

If I was doing this properly, I would have had a post about each podcast I've been on, explaining a bit about the content and also the host. Perhaps I will be better about this in the future, but for now I wanted to list many of the podcasts I've been on in recent years incase readers of the blog were unaware:

I hope you all enjoy.  I must say I've had excellent experiences with the hosts one ach of theses shows. 

BACK to the BLOG! Updated Workings from Frater Ashen

Three YEARS!

Three YEARS Since I've posted on this Blog. If Anyone kept up with me solely by my 'Magicians Workings' blog I reckon they would think me inactive and removed from the online-magical world. 

Quite the contrary is true however. I've been busier than I ever have been.   With continual orders coming in from clients requesting talismans, evocations, magical consulting, wands, knives, circles, and nearly every known magical article imaginable I could likely do magic- professionally- full time.

Most of my online interaction and orders have been through FACEBOOK for the past several years and it takes up most of my time responding to inquiries and questions there. I've had a few messages about this blog however and I'll be doing my best to update it as well.

I've been on Several podcasts, most of which you can find on YouTube. Must Recently I was a guest on "Witches and Wine", "Occult of Personality", and "Glitch Bottle".

I've traveled to England the past two years to host three day workshops on Solomonic and Ceremonial Magic.  

I am posting now to make everyone aware of the  SKILLS OF THE CEREMONIAL MAGICIAN Workshop I will be hosting in the USA in June.

Click on the link below for more info:

Skills of the Ceremonial Magician Workshop

There is still time to sign up!  

I believe my blog as been riddled with many spam comments too which I'll have to sift through those as well.

Again I will try to update this blog more as I feel its still a valued online resource. Not only that but it hails back to my very beginnings of sharing my magical path with the public.

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Magical world has indeed exploded for me in rather surprisingly consistent episodes of work, achievement and continued exploration.  I have not kept up with this blog as well as I should...or will have liked but I do have another WORD PRESS blog as well as a FACE BOOK PAGE and FACE BOOK profile...all of which I've been trying to keep updated. Grated the face book page has received the most attention because...well its easier and I'm on there more frequently.

For those of you who look into this blog from time to time. I have had some more publications come out.  I have switched publishers for the time being and have been working with AZOTH Press.  I recently contributed to their début book LIBER SPIRITUUM which is an excellent anthology of fellow magicians such as myself sharing their personal expertise.


Well,  time, long in anticipation is now at hand :). AZOTH PRESS launched  the official promotion and preorders for my next publication and legacy of my magical career!

Within the pages of "Gateways Through Light and Shadow", I reveal the entirety of magical experiments which are around 30 unique experiments. Each of the records contain several evocations and magical experiments which were conducted over the span of four consecutive years. Each magical experiment was transcribed directly from audio recordings of the actual evocations. Accurate word for word record is entered into this magical record. Each evocation and experiment lasted an hour or more with detailed and in depth responses to questions which were put to the spirits. In most cases I asked the Angels and spirits questions which have been mysteries and enigmas, never before revealed in occult literature. A few of the opening questions were:
1. What is your origin and source. Can you tell us of this?
2. Is what the grimoires and historical text (if relevant Bible) say about you is true?
3. What is your true nature and workings with humanity? How do you consider humanity?
4. Are there any new talismans, spells, charms you can impart to us to harness the full benefit of your office(es)?
5. What are the best ways to contact you and work with you?

The seven planetary archangels are conjured, this time being revealed (scryed) by my magical partner with his exact relations and translations of their responses. Exquisite detail of his visions and experiences are recorded to give the reader a profound picture of the majesty and wonderment these beings exhibit. The responses my scryer and I received astounded us and left us in awe. We often discussed the workings hours after the actual operation and I include much of these conversations and debriefing as well. Without a doubt I believe the work my scryer and I have done has shed new light into the occult community.

Dr. Stephen Skinner author of, Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic, Techniques of Solomonic Magic, Complete Magician’s Tables, Dr John Dee’s Spiritual Diaries, Key to the Latin of Dr John Dee's Spiritual Diaries , Geomancy in Theory & Practice, Goetia of Dr Rudd: Liber Malorum Spirituum, Keys to the Gateway of Magic, Veritable Key of Solomon (Practical Angel Magic of Dr John Dee's Enochian Tables Techniques of High Magic, just to name a few has written the Introduction to this book.

To give you a taste of what you can expect in GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT AND SHADOW, allow me to share a bit of what the book will contain:

The Four Great Elements of Creation.
Exploring the Elements, Invocation and Astral travel through the Four elemental Realms
Elemental Implements.
The Elemental Fire Experience The Elemental Realm of Spirit, the Hospital Ghosts.
Methods of Scrying in Classical magical Evocation
Revisiting The Archangels of the Seven Spheres:
A. Sol -Michael Operation
B. Mercury Raphael Operation
C. Of Jupiter -Sachiel Operation
D. Of Venus - Anael Operation
E. Of Mars- Samael Operation
Grimoire Necromancy Formula
Necromancy: The Skull Spirit Intelligencer
Of Saturn- Cassiel Operation
THE PREPARATION OF THE SKULL for the Familiar Spirit:
Of the Moon- Gabriel Operation
Of Archangel Uriel- Uriel Operation
Sandalphon Operation
Of Metateon- Metareon Operation
Preparation for the Invocation of the Four Directional Governors or The "Four kings of the four corners of the Earth"
Oriens King of the East Operation
Amaymon, King of the South Operation.
Paymon, King of the West Operation.
Egyn King of the North Operation.

Archangel Raziel Operation
Scrying instruction from my scryer!
-Detailed instructions and relations on how each of the four elemental implements, as well as their unique consecration methods are included.
Step by step instruction and relation of how to assist a skryer or magical partner though hypnotic methods using classical forms of ritual/ceremonial magic and guiding them through astral experiences.

- Relations of my scryer journeying through the four primary elemental realms of classical occultism.
- Detailed paranormal investigation via the use of necromancy and ritual magic.
- The full process and experience of conjuring a spirit into a ritually prepared, actual human skull. The identity, process and continual council of the spirit after the successful operation.
- New magical talisman methods and creation as dictated by the spirits.
- Identities, origins, offices, natures, images, and council from The Seven planetary Archangels plus archangels Uriel, Sandalphon, and Metatron.
- Identities, origins, offices, natures, images, and council from The seven Olympic spirits.
This book will contain the treasures and outcome of experiences of my magical career this far. I am very much looking forward to you being able to share in my adventures.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


After A MUCH overdo waiting period my first book, GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE is finally available in paperback!!! This second edition will feature new artwork, book corrections in spelling and Hebrew and also about 20+ pages more of additional information and writing!!!  

The new cover art turned out quite well I thought.   

To order please visit: http://www.amazon.com/Gateways-Through-Stone-Circle-Chassan/dp/0983063931/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424222694&sr=8-1&keywords=gateways+through+stone+and+circle


Also to those whom have read my book I ask that you please share your review on there as well! :)

I also want to take this time to say that my second volume and follow up to 'GATEWAYS'  is well underway. Its over 200 pages already and still has much more to go into it for completion. Not to keep readers on pins and needles but I can hardly wait to share this book as I believe it will FAR OUTDO my first volume by light years. 
In this second book I am sharing the complete working of the past three years of my scryer and I going through a torrent of magical evocations and experiences. Each account is a DIRECT transcription of the audio recordings of EACH evocation to make sure the information was transferred truthfully and complete afterword and also to judge and reflect on the results which followed. including:

-Astral projections into the 4 Elemental Realms and evoking the Kings of the 4 Elemental realms.
A complete cycle of evoking the 7 Planetary Archangels as listed in my first book, GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE. With startling information, relations, results, experiences with new talismans, magical methods and instructions from the archangels.
In addition, relations of our experiences and results summoning Archangel Uriel, Metatron, and Sandalphon are shared.

-Contacting, ghosts, true accounts of paranormal investigation via magic and traditional scrying methods as well as verifying contacts and results. True necromancy work.  Also I will be sharing how I successfully conjured a helper (house) spirit into a skull that has since acted as my personal advisor) and mediator between the spiritual and physical world.

-The Mighty 4 KINGS or governor, Guardians of the 4 directions are shared and revealed in this work, fitting the missing sections of the ancient grimoires and magical texts together in a more cohesive and complete system. Much is revealed by the spirits and angels themselves.

-The 7 Olympic Spirits are contacted in startling new clarity and information on how to work with them through the culmination of DSIC, Arbatel, and The Secret Grimorie of Turiel.