evocation table

evocation table

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The FINAL ALMADEL, the last chapter in a whole season of working

    The Northern Almadel was created the Sunday closest to the Winter Solstice, at the first hour of the sun. I now have all 4 of the Quarter Almadels created, and look forward to the following operations this season, to complete the one year cycle of evocations which I began last Spring.

I got some misty type effects on a few of the photos, nothing was enhanced
Pure gold triangle talisman

    The angels of the Norther Chora or Altitude are said to bring a sense of seriousness and solidity to the inquiring magician. Said to appear like small boys or men, in very dark earth tones with birds. The names of the angels bring interesting, possible translations. The first angel's name possibly meaning: “ The Living well of God”

    So far, each of the angels have appeared with quite obvious elemental correspondences and relations. An almost typical relation of hermetic and lodge style references concerning elementals and their abilities to assist human beings have been present. To be honest, I was not really expecting these types of “cliches” concerning the Almadel angels but have been in no ways disappointed. These angelic beings have been highly generous in their involvement in my personal undergoing. The Lemegeton's acount of what phenomena marks their coming has proven to be substantial. Their advice is sound and matter of fact in many ways, their willingness to help and answer my questions unmatched in my experiments. 

 I am gathering quite a volume of the experiences I 've had about every Sunday since I began. I plan to reflect and not my progression after the year is complete. The result of my experiments should eventually find Each Chora and angel has something unique to offer and may assist in a variety of ways.

    I have not asked for anything extreme from these beings and have been quite content to just perceive them every week and spend the time in their presence learning how to improve aspects of my life on this world and forming better relationships with the other world. As far as I know, I am the only one in quite a while to conduct a full series of experiments with all 4 of the Almadels. Since my sharing I’ve seen a growing amount of interests and artist reproducing the tablets. I’m hoping others experience  the beneficial aspects and interactions with these angels as I have.





 I will be forever grateful for the circumstances and aptitudes which lead me to experience the beings of this ARTE.
Despite the origins and transmissions which led to alterations through time, the grimories still in fact hold, veritable exorcizes in spiritual attainment and progression. The formulas are workable and are able to be utilized by those with the will and aptitude.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Magician's Voice

“How in the world do you remember those long conjurations?!
I mean that must take ages!”

…When I say I’m a grimoric (traditionalist) magician and go by the book, I mean it. I use the conjurations, like the ones found in the Goetia, and make sure to recite them word for word during my evocations.
  I do more than read them from a book when it comes time for the ceremony; I memorize them long in advance, integrating the meaning and flow behind each word, to harmonize with my intentions.

   Memorizing the conjurations has some beneficial if not vital advantages for grimoric mages. For one, it keeps the mind and intentions completely in the present; consistent, and harmonious in the flow of the ceremony. The mind can only focus on so many things at once, and even if there is a small portion of it (your thoughts) making sure to pronounce the words correctly, understand what is meant by the Old English which the conjurations are written in, and/or determining if you really believe every word you are speaking while speaking them, at least SOME measure of your will and/or concentration will be fractured. The conjuration will be working against instead of for you if this occurs.

  The conjurations as given in the Goetia of the Lemegeton, The Heptameron, or The Key of Solomon are complete in that they cover all the vital parameters and areas where major loopholes could be exploited and use the most powerful names to bind it as a sealing contract. You won’t have to make last minute adjustment or become distracted with wondering if your ad-lib or personally constructed conjuration was complete if you use the given invocations.

   Another reason for reciting the conjurations directly as opposed to reading them is direction of will/intention. Think for a moment and remember the last time you heard someone speak to the audience while reading from a book. A couple small town ministers and teachers might still do this  as they are not held to the same public speaking standards of more visible individuals. If you are younger, perhaps you can remember the last time you heard a “book report” from a fellow student in class and all they did was read from their paper. There is a disconnection which occurs where the audience no longer feels as if THEY are being spoken to.
This is a sure way to lose the attention and respect of your audience, a very bad idea when your audience is a powerful spirit.

  I do not recall many occult books which delve into the subject of training the magical voice. The most I can recall are explanations from various occult authors that go into “vibrating” words of power (Such as in the Golden Dawn, (LBRP, LBRP, MP, OBWT, etc.). The closest thing I have come across lately is Jason Miller’s “The Sorcerers Secrets” where he goes into excellent explanations of how to utilize one’s voice, appearance, presence, and gaze to influence the world and others around them. EVERY, and I mean EVERY magician/will-worker/sorcerer/ whatever should be skilled (at least moderately adept) in these areas if they are worth their mana, no exceptions. If you cannot use your abilities to at least sound confident during a conversation, you have no business trying to persuade a spirit to do anything for you. (I theorize this is a main reason for the many frustrated sociopaths attempting these practices for some hope of power with none to begin with) If you cannot get people to acknowledge you for anything, you are fooling yourself, thinking a spirit will.  You will need training in how to bring about your voice that will make the cosmos take notice.

A ceremonial/grimoric magician must be skilled in projecting power/will through their voice (I’m inclined to say every magician should. Period). This has nothing to do at all with “vibrating” words. In practice, they might help you to eventually get your will across, but are not the key in and of themselves. If you’ve read this far and felt your heart sink because you’ve realized your voice is not on the level it should be: confidently/energetically/ magically……
 Fear not! Most of the best speakers have had classes and practice, practice, practice. Just like with anything: The MAGIC to become skilled at something is to work your butt off for it. This is something you definitely can get better at, even if you’re a natural.

Magical voice practice as well as conjuration memorization can happen in the same step: Get a tape recorder and record yourself speaking the entire conjuration, word for word. Before this step, I had to write or type out the conjuration, correct some of the spelling, and organize it into sentences and paragraphs. (Many conjurations are one big run-on sentence) 

Speak every word, clearly, purposefully, and directly.

There is no reason to shout or vibrate unless you absolutely need to do so for the “barbarous names”. Put as much intention as you can into your practice. When I was doing this exercise for the invocation in the Goetia, I would omit the spirit’s name for fear of drawing its attention at a time I was not ready. It felt like a good idea since the practice made the invocation quite powerful. The atmosphere would become eerily still when I got going.

    When you are done recording, listen to the entire thing as often as you can. Go to sleep while listening to it, implant it in the deepest reaches of your unconscious. If you’re like me, you’ll begin picking up sections of the conjuration quickly, memorizing more and more each time. Be patient, and listen to your recording as often as possible, saying the words in your mind or aloud while listening. A neat thing about this exercise is that you are doing more than memorization here. With every recitation, you are integrating the meaning of the words within your psyche and will. Bit by bit, it becomes yours by the apprehension of the invocation, and not just something from a book. You start to realize that the invocation covers very specific parameters as a matter of binding and contract. The spirit is under the terms of the ceremony to fulfill its end of the bargain without any tricks or deceptions. They are designed with specific intent and purpose, tying them with the most potent of names.

Make the recitation of the holy/barbarous names with as much reverence and power as you can muster. Speak them as you would a prayer of invocation. The more you recite in this manner, the stronger the words will become for you.

   If you follow this example, you may find that your flow and speaking improve in such a degree that you will want to re-record over your original attempt. Try recording the conjurations again, and you’ll notice how much you’ve improved…notice where your voice sounds strongest. Are there any points where you hit a snag or can tell where you’ve broken concentration? Do you sound like you are confident in what you are saying? If you were an objective listener, does the speaker sound like they believe what they are saying? Do they sound powerful? Authoritative? Certain? All these descriptions are elements you should be striving for.

  Beyond getting a spirit to appear, these practices will cause your day today “words” will have more power, more intention. People will listen and take better notice of what you say and how you say it. This formula is the magical instruction given by spirits as “eloquence” and “rhetoric”. If you still have difficulty, seriously consider taking a speech or public speaking class in college or wherever you are able. Find topics to speak on publicly. Experiment with friends and family members, vying to prompt reactions which you intend.

  My original exposure to these concepts and to magic itself was through the realm of hypnosis. I have been hypnotizing people since I was 14 years old and have explored the capabilities and possibilities of hypnosis for many years. Trained hypnotists/ hypnotherapists utilize an area of magic no matter what they, or the scientists say. The fluctuation of intention through sound/voice and intention are the very factors one uses to propel  their -will- through space. A spell, a chant, invocation, or evocations are all done through intentions expressed through “the word”.

“In the Beginning was the WORD”

Hypnosis is a fantastic practice because you get to see instantaneous results on how your voice affects another human being. Further exploration of “the voice” can be explored through the study of music and song which is by far one of the most powerful and influential creations ever designed by mankind.


  For now, let us stay within the areas of evocation and the magical voice’s use for spirit contact.
Often, speaking to a being that is initially invisible can be challenging. A respected magician and colleague in the field of Goetic evocation is John King. He describes this initial difficulty of “speaking to a being, who at first is not apparent” as a matter of willed intention.  If you are interested in Goetic evocation as it is given in the Lemegeton (and have not done so already), I encourage you to purchase his book, IMPERIAL ARTS. It will help the aspiring magician to ascertain the experience of real evocation from someone who has apparently done so quite successfully.

The spirit you are evoking must be spoken to directly. Not spoken at, or spoken about. (Remember the kid giving his book report) There are huge differences between these actions. Don’t assume the “spirit will know what you mean”. The spirit must acknowledge they are being spoken to directly and that the entirety of the evocation is directed at them. This is done intentionally and energetically. Your words, focus, intention, and purpose are all focused on the spirit.

…Now imagine, you have the conjurations not only memorized, but actualized in their innermost meaning and intention, within you. You’ve heard them and read them so many times you know them like your own name. When you perform your ceremony, you speak the age old words fluidly and powerfully. You know EXACTLY what you are saying and WHY you are saying them. Backed by the cohesiveness of tradition and ceremony, you speak each word to the spirit directly and filled with proper intention….. 

Now… You almost don’t need to imagine what would occur ….if you accept there is a being out there, whose name you evoked to appear with the intensity described above, if the being is there, by the names, and by the art, it will appear.

Since you have trained your voice, you will not be disarmed by the actual appearance of the spirit but be able to continually and skillfully communicate with an authoritative voice.

Be it that a magician if not a man…is only good as his word…..What worlds could be created with that which you utter?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Its ALMOST here, I promise ;-)

So here is the skinny on the book folks :) : Its been sent to a respectable UK publishing company that deals in occult books. I’m not sure how long the process will be for the final editing, etc. ....but its completed!

“Its amazing how a few months go by since the last time you THOUGHT it was finished.”

I know, I know. It turned out to be much larger than I ever intended but really wanted to make this something the reader could USE and explore this art in depth. Since this is my first book and first attempt at offering full results of my own magical workings, I wanted to make it as complete as possible without dictating a narrow, “my way or the highway” type approach. I explain and show photos of my actual tools and how each were made, and what my results were. I even offer some variety for the reader to consider which is founded in research but I haven’t tried personally (yet). I hope many will be pleased at the surprising similarities to other arts which paints this practices in a broader and richer spectrum.

My friends and fellow authors/ respectable magicians/ and gentlemen who reviewed the MS offered fantastic feedback and assistance. Without a doubt, they helped the MS become what it is. I’m excited and also nervous for how my readers will take the material. Its not written by a scholar as much as a quirky, traditionalist, mage. A project I’ve poured my soul in consistently for quite a while now.

With that, I leave you with a few photos of my work not necessarily included in the book ;) Just a taste of what treasure awaits the magician who wishes to Draw Spirits into CRYSTALS.

Beginning set up of ritual working space.

Book of Spirits, ebony wand,  & Lamen

Altar of the Stars, Holy Table, Crystal in ebony pedestal, Tripod censor, candles

Ever want to make that REAL Book of Spirits?
Whole section on just how I created mine and YES it works QUITE well.
( Image on left cover designed by ASTERION MAGE, a wonderful artist who allowed me to use this fitting design!)

Ebony wood and 24K gold gilt lettering.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting so long....hopefully....it will be all worth it.

I hope to hear from you magicians who meet similar success utilizing this system as I have. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweens Past

Beannachta Samhain
  I honor deeply, all those who have gone before me.
To all, who's lives have helped shape my own, to those who continue their care and support beyond the veil. I extend deepest gratitude.
For each life which is sorely missed, and for those who seek life renewed, yet linger in shadowed past.
To my family and dear friends who have rejoined with the source and to those who have formed bonds beyond heart and body, I thank you all...
There is no fear in the familiar, no worry in the inevitable, and forever gratitude in their enduring support. In this, beyond the curtain of woven senses, are those who were never in body but forever active in soul and this season's honor is also belonging to each of them who continue to help me through my own journey.

     Halloween was always a big deal growing up. In my California home town, the entire neighborhood put on an almost theme park type display with make shift rides and attractions. People acted out Halloween type scenarios: posing as perfectly still statues, rising out of mist filled coffins, and running around on all fours like a werewolf. A couple houses would have multitudes of those professionally carved pumpkins which resembled faces and scenes that seemed impossible to carve out of a gourd. The experience every year was always so amazing and lots of fun for people of all ages. It was a truly a magic filled, fun evening, with everyone involved. I don’t recall a single house not participating in the event. Hundreds of kids raced up and down the streets in well made costumes and parents joined in. I recall my friends and I having two candy filled pillow cases each after the night was through. My family loved the holidays and my dad especially loved it, decorating, carving pumpkins, and sharing a Halloween story wrote called “The Incredible Pumpkin Man”. The story had been written for a local newspaper and later it was made into a short film. The holidays were always something to look forward to in my house growing up. Traditions my parents did a fabulous job passing on.
As I grew older I still loved the holidays but became interested on their origins that most westerners take for granted. Due to my Irish and Scottish heritage I became quite interested in the Celtic customs and holidays. Years later, I co founded a Druidic Grove where the feish were celebrated and Halloween/Samhain took on a whole new, and exciting meaning for me. The holiday now took on a more respectable representation with appreciation for those who have passed on and an appreciation for the dark and the unknown. 

When I was fifteen, I decided to go on a Wild Hunt, which is a term stemming from a piece of Germanic instead of Celtic lore, but one I found irresistible nonetheless. The procedure for the said rite involved a thrilling reconstruction from an author whose notoriety was more than questionable. It basically involves setting out on Halloween night on the hours “Darkest before dawn” (3am- right before sunrise) and pitting your wits against the unknown in a wilderness area over many square miles.

The book containing the ritual in question is highly falsified in its claims and representation of Celtic culture and magic, but one which I found early value in and which led me to further pursuits of traditional magic. Needless to say the experience was rather hair rising and one of the most challenging I ever put myself through.

Later Samhain events consisted more venturing past the veil to reconnect with people and places long since removed from my day to day awareness…while still indoors. The holiday represented an appropriate time to allow the essence of people and events I loved to return from the closed parts of myself which kept painful losses stored away.  It also opened up large avenues for experiencince and learning, utilizing trance and hypnosis techniques I’d grown efficient in. It’s been years since I’ve gone out alone in the wilderness during Samhain to pit my will against my fears and the unknown, but I still remember the feelings perfectly.

This year, I utilized my time to set out a plate of prepared food and treats, and keep the candles and lamps burning through the night. I give spoken thanks to what I have sensed as assisting interlude from relatives and friends who have passed on. Though I no longer celebrate the Celtic pagan holidays in groups like I use to, I take with me the important aspects which have moved near to my heart.

Life and color withdraw, descending in a beautiful kaleidoscope of form, in cycle. Led perfectly by the design of creation, each image is expressed in momentary brilliance. As if told by a visual fable, each color paints a tapestry of life lived on purpose. A cooling breeze scatters a crescendo of leaves, leaving us with memories recalled through sights, sounds, scents, and feelings. An eventual return to stillness, the leaves come to gentle rest, a promise of altered renewal. We must make room and remember what led the new, and who leads the way for our arrival. Many do not wonder beyond safe trappings of perceived existence without variance. Through stirrings in our hearts of life’s inevitability, we fear the one given certainty of nature’s design. Perhaps dread stems from the wells of unrealized dreams, or our foolish grasping after the shifting sands of time. Memories haunt when we linger in them …too long, dulling the gifts of the present.
They are cherished within our memories, but do not exist there. You will not find them in photos whose still features hold no current place or being. Nothing is gone but often beyond our sight. That which we do not know is that which each of us realizes beyond sheltering creeds or faith.

The bare, still, branches hide the slumbering buds of new life. We fear not, for it has been seen. So it is with that which is not seen. Give a moment of present to those of our past, look fondly on them beyond what you can see, and speak as if time has no baring.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Western Almadel


   Creation of the Fall Green/Silver Almadel came at a time where I am juggling my maximum of magical undertakings. The making of the tablets has never been 'easy' and this time I was making two sets. ( For private reasons unique solely to this occasion) .  The operation took all day from sunrise and was very rigorous despite my experience making these items twice now.
this much pure bees wax costs a fortune!

   Despite the prolonged labor, I've been excited for this set of operations due to my inherent agreeability toward the colors and mentioned angels. 

   Green and silver I'm particularly fond of, and this Almadel asks for the wax to contain both! I spent the early weeks debating how I wanted to add the 'silver color to the wax. Metallic colors are usually 'painted' on the outside of candles and not easy to produce by simple color dye. I did find a wax based metallic silver that worked perfectly and created mesmerizing swirls with the light green as I stirred it in.

The tapper candles proved the most difficult this time around and came out looking quite peculiar.
ohhh swhirrly

  The end result was rather curious and unique compared to my other two tablets. Actually each seems to be quite unique in look and feeling which I enjoy. I cannot wait to get these operations underway in the midst of my other magical endeavors. Once I complete all four tablets and operations, I may again write up a booklet of all my experiences and guild lines. That is, if interest for such things arises. 

 All in all I love how everything came out and happy that the two colors 'mixed' after all.  Lord knows how the magi did it back in the day. 
   The Almadel operations have been very 'reconnecting' for me. They are congruent to the 'classical' correspondences I've been use to since my lodge enthusiast days and really give a deeper edge on the spiritual connection to nature and the elements. After initial contacts, its great to ask/receive the angels consideration harnessing your elemental prowess through your chosen implement.
My 'Water' Chalice

The break with the flim-flamy modern methods comes with a reconsideration of just how and why your implement works for you. Only way to get a new perspective is to get new advice. These angels are great for that. Scrying angelic beings is probably one of the most fulfilling  acts of ritual magic with the least amount of headache (after you get everything made!)
Completed Western Almadel

NO worries to my DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTALS fans, I'm still making sure all is set and ready before offering it out. Stay posted!

By the way, these two systems are GREAT for becoming a top rate scryer, and perfect for delving into angelic communication of various degrees.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


One of these days I'd love to tackle an experiment for housing a spirit in a skull.

I've read in a few sources of where this particular 'item' was used by magicians ranging from the early renascence to the ancient middle east. How many classical images of wizards or alchemist have you seen that contain at least one human skull on a table or tucked on some dusty bookcase somewhere?  Ever wonder as to the nature and use such things were put to?

 Though undoubtedly originating from multiple cultures in various parts of early history, my particular interest stems from Old Hebrew magic. From what I've researched, there have been over two thousand 'skulls' found with Ancient Hebrew or Aramaic scrawled with various enchantments.

The concept of the human skull spirit is what is alluded to as an ‘Oboth’ (“The ones who return”) or ‘Yiddeonim’ ( "The knowing ones”) in ancient Jewish culture. Basically, its referring to a familiar spirit who works for the magician/necromancer, accomplishing a variety of tasks.

Later, you find these as inscribed ceramic or iron pots where the familiar spirits were tended and consorted for a number of reasons.

    In the original Hebrew verses, it is this oboth or yiddeonim which is ( most likely) referred to when King Saul contacts the ‘woman of Endor’ (Leviticus 20:27 9) A couple of modern magical books go into detail behind ‘spirit pots’. Aaron Leitch, RO, and Jake Stratton-Kent have written about this subject a few times in great detail.

  In the ‘Dresden Files’ novels, Harry has a skull named ‘Bob’ that is basically a magical encyclopedia and storehouse of occult knowledge. This idea further sparked my interest in being able to create a real version of this familiar spirit. "Bob" helps Harry solve a plethora of occult mysteries and riddles with his vast occult knowledge that makes up the entire purpose of the spirit.
From the Dresden Files TV show
Based off the Dresden Files Novels

 Basically, the skull is a spirit in a spirit pot which is thus used as an oracle or astral information source. This practice has many common threads through ATRs and older necromantic methods. The dilemma will be: 'Do I house a 'ghost' of a human who I work with and teach to accomplish such things, or find a spirit being which was never physical to begin with? Which is more appropriate to this type of spirit pot? Hmmm

   Some of my original research and consideration for this operation came from ‘Communing with Spirits: The Magical Practice of Necromancy by Martin Coleman. I really love this book for the practices and ideas it has set up for working with spirits who were human.

    The ritual and procedure to create a veritable oboth or yiddeonim ( the one I have in mind )would take quite a bit of time and resource, not to mention finding a suitable skull. On it, I would inscribe the most potent binding litany of what sort of spirit would be housed in the skull along with appropriated sigils and symbols.

   I figured a ‘fetch’ or spiritual informant resource would be most handy: A spirit who could retrieve other spirits to communicate with me or garner information that was obtainable in the spirit world. There are quite a few possibilities with this one.

Novel 'magick' skull I bought years ago

There is a fantastic specimen and article on such a skull in a few web sites I found.

Look at the one here for the full article on the Skull with magic inscription:

In the website article above, a collector named Shlomo Moussaieff “acquired two earthenware bowls, the open ends of which were adjoined to form a kind of case—inside the case was an ancient human skull. A magic incantation, written in Aramaic, was inscribed on the skull.”
I guess there are more than than two thousand magic incantation bowls that have survived from third–seventh-century C.E. It says, “Jewish communities in Babylonia.a The incantation bowls were made at the same time and in the very communities that produced the most intricate, complex and revered accomplishment of rabbinic Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud.”

The article goes on to state: “Although some have deemed the incantation literature to be inconsistent with the spirit of the Talmud, recent research has shown it to be, rather, complementary and representative of aspects of life reflected within the Talmud.1” Quite fascinating indeed!

"The fact remains that belief in demons was widespread at this time among Jews as well as other peoples. Incantation bowls are known not only from Jewish communities but from other communities as well. The Jewish versions are written in what is commonly known as Jewish Aramaic."

The researchers deemed the "bowls and inscribed skulls were typically used to, “To combat demons—who cause medical problems as well as other mishaps and ills—people invoked numerous magic rites and formulae. The magic rites could also serve as a love charm. Your desired one would surely fall in love with you if the proper incantation was invoked. The reverse was also true. To bring disaster on your personal enemy, you would invoke a curse text. These often-strange and mystifying incantations were usually inscribed in cramped writing in a spiral on the interior of the bowls. Not all magic incantation texts were written on bowls. Sometimes they were written on parchment, tin, lead, copper, silver and even gold. Occasionally we find one on even more exotic materials such as eggs. Now from the Moussaieff collection comes one written on a skull.”

“BY MEANS OF A SKULL.” It is difficult to write on the idiosyncratic surface of a skull; reading a skull inscription can be equally difficult. Like the inscriptions on incantation bowls, the skull text is surrounded by a squiggly line. Although the inscription on the Moussaieff skull is very hard to decipher, one thing is clear: It contains names of people for whom the incantation was made. One of the names, Shilta, is derived from an Aramaic word meaning “after-birth.” The skull itself was probably that of a woman. The exact manner in which this skull was used, however, remains a mystery. A contemporaneous source, the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin 65b, offers a possible clue: “There are two kinds of necromancy: the one where the dead is raised by naming him, the other where he is invoked by means of a skull.”
These are the main sources for my interest and curiosity. Of course WHO KNOWS when I’ll have time to tackle this project..I need to finish with the ones I’m doing now first……my wife says so lol!
Rare Magic Inscription on Human Skull
Red Ice Creations - Explore - Observe - Be Here (K)Now

There's no cut and dry directions for creating  the 'Spirit in the skull' but alas (poor Yorik!..I think that's what I'll name the spirit) I'll find a way!

Now.......Who knows where I can get a decent skull under $500.00?
That's the real magick question.

'Bob' prop from the Dresden Files TV Series

 I wanted to update this site since I’ve been devising and developing the skull spirit project further which includes methods of old Jewish folk magic, classical conjuration and sigilistic binding spells used in an elaborate ceremony of several different sections; one developing building on another to have a lasting and very potent working spirit.  In this I’ve still been particular in selecting my skull and how I wish to proceed. I’ve debated on whether or not I wish to carve and engrave the bone myself or commission the help of a professional. In this I’ve recently come across a highly skilled artisan whose work is perfectly suited to this endeavor. I wished to promote his business here and share with you some of his art work. 

You can find his site at: http://shop.realhumanskull.com/main.sc

If you have the means and the serious attitude toward what owning something like this would entail I’d suggest contacting the artist to commission a work for you. I highly discourage any flippant purchasing or half thought out design as this should be a most serious undertaking in my assessment. However, one can appreciate beyond any macabre sense how skillful the artwork is. 

I'm excited to see this project develop in due time as I work in
collaboration toward its final end. It would be quite an immense magical undertaking and one based on systematic blending of grimoric and folk traditions.  Hopefully I will be ultimately successful in my undertaking and have something much more than a uniquely crafted piece of artwork.