evocation table

evocation table

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The FINAL ALMADEL, the last chapter in a whole season of working

    The Northern Almadel was created the Sunday closest to the Winter Solstice, at the first hour of the sun. I now have all 4 of the Quarter Almadels created, and look forward to the following operations this season, to complete the one year cycle of evocations which I began last Spring.

I got some misty type effects on a few of the photos, nothing was enhanced
Pure gold triangle talisman

    The angels of the Norther Chora or Altitude are said to bring a sense of seriousness and solidity to the inquiring magician. Said to appear like small boys or men, in very dark earth tones with birds. The names of the angels bring interesting, possible translations. The first angel's name possibly meaning: “ The Living well of God”

    So far, each of the angels have appeared with quite obvious elemental correspondences and relations. An almost typical relation of hermetic and lodge style references concerning elementals and their abilities to assist human beings have been present. To be honest, I was not really expecting these types of “cliches” concerning the Almadel angels but have been in no ways disappointed. These angelic beings have been highly generous in their involvement in my personal undergoing. The Lemegeton's acount of what phenomena marks their coming has proven to be substantial. Their advice is sound and matter of fact in many ways, their willingness to help and answer my questions unmatched in my experiments. 

 I am gathering quite a volume of the experiences I 've had about every Sunday since I began. I plan to reflect and not my progression after the year is complete. The result of my experiments should eventually find Each Chora and angel has something unique to offer and may assist in a variety of ways.

    I have not asked for anything extreme from these beings and have been quite content to just perceive them every week and spend the time in their presence learning how to improve aspects of my life on this world and forming better relationships with the other world. As far as I know, I am the only one in quite a while to conduct a full series of experiments with all 4 of the Almadels. Since my sharing I’ve seen a growing amount of interests and artist reproducing the tablets. I’m hoping others experience  the beneficial aspects and interactions with these angels as I have.





 I will be forever grateful for the circumstances and aptitudes which lead me to experience the beings of this ARTE.
Despite the origins and transmissions which led to alterations through time, the grimories still in fact hold, veritable exorcizes in spiritual attainment and progression. The formulas are workable and are able to be utilized by those with the will and aptitude.


  1. Absolutely wonderful! I am very sure your work is a tremendous inspiration to all, and will continue to be so for a long time to come. I keenly look forward to seeing more of what you write about for 2012.

  2. Thank you Magus Scriven :0 Its my pleasure to share such workings with folks like yourself. It is beneficial to learn from one another where we can.

  3. Greetings my Frater,

    Though you know me not, we share similar passion for the Grimoire work. I haven't taken the extremes you have to re-create the tablets and necessary equiptment; personally feeling that like the the color magic presented in both the tarot systems and RR et AC of the GD, that one color, for example, yellow can be interpreted via the spirit in question to be the literaly gold (though alchemically speaking it would be better to use the real thing, but us single fathers cannot always use the items we'd so dearly love to work with:) I must say it warms my heart and I feel very close kindred to you, that you have gone that extra mile.

    I have read your entries entirely now, and really, its a breath of fresh air to read the work written by a fellow colleague of such work, when I feel the passion (and taboo surrounding it) has dimmed, where it should have not. I try educating the members of my order that evocation doesn't necessarily need to be viewed as a dark and sinister thing, but like any practise of high magic, it verily needs to be approached with the correct Intent in place, and willingness to overcome social misunderstandings. With of course the courage to persevere through the trial and errors, that one finds when re-interpreting the Medieval and rennaisance grimoires.

    Anyways, I'm very pleased to make your acquiantence, and its been my honor to read and indrectly take part in your practises of so sublime a nature.

  4. I'm glad you enjoy if Frater. It certainly is not easy and has a huge expense and consummation of time in order to continue this work, but it has been far worth it. Best of luck and light in your own workings.

  5. I'm going through all of your work. Something I found if you are doing photography in hopes of catching something from the spirits, I found that a single flash digital camera works well, as long as you start in near darkness ( I've not tried it with candles) the second is a video camera that can film in IR. IR doesn't dissipate the spirits manifestation like a flash does. Water also holds the images but you have to process it a bit to get it to show up. Very nice art work.

  6. I would have some doubts and questions regarding the Almadel. 1-about the height of the Almadel. 2-on fasting and strictly necessary a week, it could be done. 3 - days, I heard from some writings by Barret that one day would be enough, obviously I ask to know. 3- and the last question is about the triangle in gold and silver, I thought I would have a person do it, but if he can't do it in the sunny hour on Sunday it would still be fine.