evocation table

evocation table

Monday, October 13, 2014


Fairly recently I began offering magical services in the area of magical consulting, spellwork, and talisman/implement constructing.

In the past years I have enjoyed speaking with those who have come seeking my perspective on matters which typically relate to the magical grimoires and their practice. Although I in no way consider my viewpoint and experience the end all to classical magical working, I am happy to share what I have learned with those who value my time.

A major reason why I have not blogged much in the last year or so is greatly due to my schedule filling up beyond belief. Besides writing books and tiredly continuing my own magical rituals, more and more eager magicians have come to me asking my assistance and feedback regarding their own work. A few have commissioned me to create magical items for them that they themselves do not have the skill or time to make themselves. I found I have enjoyed doing this for the individuals who truly appreciate what I do and the time and effort which goes into my magical work.

Those who know me and know my work, KNOW that I take magical pursuits very seriously and am not interested in cutting corners on conducting rituals, striving for unambiguous results, and conducting rituals with the proper implements and paraphernalia. In the area of classical magical I have a very particular approach and have realized I am not the only one.

For those of you on the path of traditional western ceremonial/ritual magick, the Solomonic strain of grimoric evocation/invocation, and conjuration, if there is a matter you think I could help you with then you may wish to consider the following services I am now providing:

Magical consulting price list:

-For Skype, Zoom or other visual/audio media conference: $140.00 per hour.

-For Instant Messaging over Social media: $90.00 per hour.

- For email assistance and correspondence for your particular issue, price will be adjusted based on length of teaching/coaching, and feedback etc.

- Spell-work will be considered and priced after initial inquiry and consideration of your request. I am unlikely to assist anyone who is wishing to manipulate another, bring them under your control, put a love or hex on anyone or other such nonsense. If your motivations and reasons for magic are in any way suspect I will most likely not take your case.

Evocation of Spirits Services for clients is also possible for clients; request deemed to be appropriate. Inquires must be made first before price and consideration confirmed.

Making veritable magical implements is also my forte as I have made countless vestments, implements, and other such items used in ceremonial magic based from the Solomonic strain of ceremonial magic. If you need an Item based of the Key of Solomon, The Lesser Key or Lemegeton, Heptomeron, Grimorium Verum, The Grand Grimoire, The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, etc. I have either made them already or could make them as they are specified in the actual grimoire. My abilities and expertise are not limited to the above works of magic however so if you are interested in an art or implement outside of this realm feel free to inquire.

I also have made the ritual items for DSIC as I describe in my book, Gateways Through Stone and Circle not only for myself but for other serious magicians as well. 

Many if not most grimoric items are quite difficult to make properly. The materials which go into them are typically expensive and difficult to come by as well. I time the crafting of such implements seriously and will adhere to the times and planetary alignments listed in the Key of Solomon if they are not specifically listed in the grimoire  they originate from.


For the Ebony Pedestal: $1700.00  (Materials: Black ebony wood, 24k gold leafing and symbols, 18k gold filled plate and %100 quartz crystal sphere.

For the Holy Table: $286.00 on round  wood disk of 1 1/2" to 3" engraved and painted. (Wax or metal Holy table will be priced differently depending on type of material desired.

Ebony wand made to your specifications of dimensions, length and lettering: $386.00 

(ebony wood, 24k gold leafing.)

Magic circle painted on canvas (DSIC)  

5ft diameter : $386.00

7ft diameter : $568.00

9ft diameter: $690.00

Talismans as from the Key of Solomon:

(Price of Talisman will be determined by material used, difficulty, size and method of construction.)

As far as talismans are concerned, making them for clients is by far the most popular service I have been offering for the past several years. Those who have ordered my works have been very pleased with them and have reported back pleasing and some amazing results and occurrences since coming into possession with them! Some of the Saturn and Mars talismans I consult my house spirit before making them due to their destructive and dangerous capabilities. I’ve only agreed to make small number of these in my many orders. Besides the above, I am typically open but will not spend my time creating purely destructive or purely negative aligned talismans which (with someone of my capabilities) would be a veritably cursed item. 

 I take great care and effort making each seal and consecrate them the proper way. (I explain how I do this in great detail in my section of “LIBER SPIRITUUM” from AZOTH PRESS) The ‘Veritable Key of Solomon’ for instance has very stringent guidelines for actually making any of these talismans which leaves only a few weeks per year that are profitable. The majority of the pentacles I make are from the Mathers Key of Solomon but also make many from the Veritable Key of Solomon translations. I have made some exceptions. My reasons for any deviations are based on the experiences with working with the spirits involved in the making of these seals. First of all as I explain to clients and other magicians, the timing (although highly important in its crafting and creation) is second to its consecration as an actual magical talisman. The metal or parchment object does not become fully empowered simply at the timing of its construction but by the intentional imbuement of its properties by the spirits that have  the office over the talisman. The VKoS is very much set up this way where the conjurations, and circles made to summon the spirits, firstly associated with the planets are for this reason. The same goes for the other versions of the main Keys of Solomon. The spirits are compelled or bound to grant the power of their offices and typically done so by sealing their authorities to a pentacle or talisman. 

In first contact, stringent adherence to all astrological observances should, and many times needs to be met to even conjure these begins properly (especially initially!). I found this was the case for me and my scryer to become ‘inducted’ or initiated into their direct sphere of influence. When proper contact is made there is a link and then they are able to be conjured and contacted much more easily. For instance, my scryer and I were able to contact Ophiel (Olympic angel of Mercury) again easily even though it was on a Monday (at an hour of Mercury).

Now, all this being said, the truth of the matter is if you line up ALL the requisites, timing, you’re going to have the absolutely most powerful talisman available.  Magic is like that, the more direct lines of frequency in harmony, the more layered and compounded the proper correspondences, the more powerful the affects, and results.  Magic in both affect as well as conjuration jumps from the “Works” / “Does not work” to degree of affect. The thing is, the majority of magicians I see haven’t really made it to the “works” part yet and have not fully established contact with the beings that make this stuff actually work.

For the talismans I make for clients, I match up the required timings and most profitable elections as best I may but I contact the spirits directly for them to make the talisman affective. In this working they also instruct or give ad vice how it is to be used, in what ways it can be applied, and if needed, what the owner should do to “recharge” or further consecrate the talisman to make it most affective.  Now, I can’t claim that any of my clients have since wont the lottery ( none have told me if they have) but, again, the feedback I have received has all been positive and quite pleasingly surprised with the affects since their ownership of the talisman.

The talismans I offer vary in price according to the type of materials/metals that are used and the level of spirit being evoked to consecrate them. This requires planning and much effort as well as using materials such as specially prepared incense, etc. Note that if the grimier specifically asks for the talisman to be made in a certain type of metal I won’t ‘substitute’ simply because I do not want my time and efforts to be wasted. I can make most of the talismans using consecrated parchment but there are a few that should strictly be made in some metals.

Parchment Talismans are: $68.00

Led Saturn talismans are more expensive due to the toxicity of the metal (I seal it to make it safer aft ward): $98.00

Mercury talismans (usually aluminum and zinc oxide) metal , iron talisman, tin, copper are: $86.00

For talismans to be made in .9999 Fine Silver (typically moon or Jupiter) the price is $268.00

For 18k Gold filled metal/sun/solar talismans, the price is $450.00

The talismans are approximately 2" in diameter and can be made to be worn on a necklace if preferred. If you wish them larger, I can do that for an additional $60.00.

-Note that talismans can bring amazing luck, opportunity, occurrence, and results but may not ‘fix’ the total issues you have surrounding relationships, money and wealth which may stem from a multitude of different factors which may be both psychological, habitual, and circumstantial to your particular circumstance. This being said, I have personally witnessed the affects these magical articles seem to bring and I more than convinced of their potency. For this reason as well, I'm happy to state that many of my clients have returned for more talismans because of this.  

If you are looking for a magical item which is not mentioned in the above, email me with as much detail as you are looking for and I will quote you a price.

 LARGE 18" diameter Scrying Mirror of The Moon with stand: $360.00

 For Any of the above services, contact me at:
BryanAshen@yahoo.com or find me on Face Book: Frater Ashen Chassan.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So an interesting follow up to my post I did shortly after I moved into my new house: http://bryanashen.blogspot.com/2013_08_01_archive.html

 It’s hard to believe it has been over a year! And What a year! I was so worried that my smaller magical room would dampen or dissuade me from consistent magical working …and boy was I wrong. Hands down, the most successful magical operations I have conducted to date has been in my “new” magical chamber. The modest sized room has been the location for the majority of the material which my next book will be about. Archangels, spirit kings, ghosts and elementals, all contacted in no subtle way in that room. Funny how things work out. Not only did I have a suitable place for magical workings, I also received first hand results on how a house and area can indeed be cleared by magical, albeit holy workings.
A quick synopsis for those not wanting to read or reread my post about clearing the house after we first moved in: The very night of the move we immediately began having haunting type activity to the point where no one could sleep very well and my wife demanded I do a clearing as soon as possible. Well after a rather intense room to room clearing with magical sword,…and an unexpected encounter with an elongated spirit with blurred, milky white features who demanded I “get all my stuff out”,… it turns out the back-story would right around the corner.
Several months ago, my wife pulled up in front of our house to find one of those plastic and fabric flowers near a tree in our front yard with a message attached t it. The message was an obvious note to someone who had passed away and how much the one who left the flower had missed them. A bit of research done by my wife found the name written on the note matching a one of a previous owner of the house and also a news article. The article outlined a tragedy in which some sort of conflict had broken out where the now deceased man had been in angered state and was firing off rounds in the backyard when police were called. The details which ensued afterward are vague but resulted in the man being shot and killed in the backyard, our backyard now.
Several months after finding the flower and news article my scryer and I were in my magical chamber talking to my –fm- house spirit at its request. My –fm- spirit mentioned to us that the man who had been shot and killed in our backyard should be “called, given a  blessing, and reassessed” at some point in the near future. I thought this was interesting albeit a bit random concerning the main topic we were talking to the spirit for. Also, the spirit thing that appeared (right in my face) didn’t want to talk or reason with me but jest kept issuing orders so I had to send it on its merry-astral way. My –fm- spirit which came along later (and shall be another post), mentioned that it was not a deceased person but a being that came in “from the land” and was rather disliking of people but apparently enjoyed making them angry, spooked, irritable, and so on.
Ironically (or not) my wife and I were contacted by the deceased man’s mother who also lived in the house less than a week later. Apparently she wanted to know if we would allow her in the backyard with some specialist to go over the details of her son’s death and see if there was any provable discrepancies on the side of the officer shooting and killing her son. She also left her number and asked if either my wife or I could call and speak with her concerning this. My wife called the next day and had a rather interesting conversation with the woman.. She at first spoke about the history and the fact that her son had been shot and killed there and was apologetic to break the news to us to which my wife said that she had already found out and was aware of the situation. The woman went on to ask my wife if we had “experienced any unusual phenomena” and described how she had always hear footsteps, find windows in the downstairs open, and other unusually occurrences. Besides this she also remarked how the family were always fighting, how there was always a tension in the air there. My wife said that there had been occurrences but that her husband was sort of an expert in this area and knew how to get rid of it and that the house was peaceful.  …Apparently this woman had already done a bit of background checking on both myself and my wife and found out that I’m a magician  :-0… (it’s really not hard to do these days…ohh well)  Luckily she was not antagonistic towards me or my wife knowing this fact and actually delighted to hear that I had done something about the haunting. I continue to find it rather amusing how the realities of my life tend to play out like a not so boring paranormal occult novel. Not that I’m complaining, but it does make you shake your head and smile at just how interesting life can be and how very few would ever believe it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Shaman Experience

 I decided to spend the 4th of July a bit differently than I had in the past. It was one of the rare times where id did not see or hear a single firework, did not hear our nation’s national anthem or the “ohhh” and “ahhhs” of a multitude of people as bright explosions of color occurred overhead. Instead I arrived in Florissant with my best friend and his family members to attend a rare ceremony. A woman by the name of Maile Lama, was going to perform a traditional Healing and Divining Ceremony. Maile Lama is a Shaman of Nepal and had never had a formal education but was instead trained as a shaman since she was around eight years old. This woman was not an outsider curious to learn shamanism after being raised in a modern civilization, she was born into the culture and tradition she practiced. As far a “pure” magician and seer, completely immersed in a tradition this was as close as anyone could get and rare opportunity for me.
We arrived far up in the mountains in the early evening with light rain coming down. After warm greetings and introductions from the host and several other attendees, we made our way up to the top of a hill where a large fire circle was built and places to sit. Maile Lama sat next to her translator and another assistant awaiting the rest of the gathering. The shaman woman who looked to be in her early 60’s or late 50’s was introduced by the translator and the nights proceedings were explained. Before long, Maile Lama began to drum and the drumming lasted for quite a time. I kept my senses open to absorb everything I could from senses, to opening my inner vision to see if I could catch glimpses of her ancestors and helpers spirits as she called them to joint eh circle. Before long the drumming had me in deep trance and I lost track of time and what I was even doing. I saw wisps of light move around the circle, the rains and the winds seemed to calm down and I could feel the thrum of the ceremonial drum from the earth beneath me and extend through my body. From what my sense were able to communicate to my intellect, it seemed that the drumming and chanting formed a perfect cord of frequency extending beyond time and distance to link directly to her ancestors, spirits and god-forms who had helped them to bring them into that space and time in no subtle way. The rhythm, the words, the motions, the mind of the shaman all linked from, her to the energies she contacted and desired to bring into that space. IT was a language that the surrounding forests and rocks knew, it was a pattern of energy agreeable and familiar yet unique. My instincts told me there was no part of the ceremony simply for sensation or show. Each ingredient seem to bring about the desired effects in the most harmonious way possible.

The ceremony reached a climax where Maile Lama, chanted and danced around the fire pit with very intentional practiced movements. As soon as the drumming ceased the entire atmosphere seemed to hum with the same harmonious frequency, ...as if a sandbox, made with chaotic images and sculptures were shaken till all that remained was uniform smooth, and an undisturbed level of sand. Everyone seemed to mirror this same feeling as I came gently out of the deep drumming trance and looked around. At some point in the midst of the ceremony the shaman invited those in need or want of healing to come forward, one at a time. For each individual healing she seemed to move intrinsically to the correct spaces and the person responded in turn. IT was very involved and intricate, taking several minutes to complete. Her use of the ritual implements, drum, ash, incense, water, all familiar in many respects and fascinating to me. Even though I didn’t feel like I had any major health concerns at the time, I went up to receive a healing nonetheless and experience what I could. Closing my eyes and opening my senses I could feel the motions and touch of the ritual daggers, drum and ash, all making my inner sight and senses tingle and at some points I even got senses of vertigo as things seem to realign within me. I felt “lighter” afterwards with a sense of peace and very thankful for the entire experience. Offerings and prayers were made to the fire before the final closing ceremonies and the entire event wrapped up perfectly as the night deepened. All in all a very interesting and worthwhile experience for me and I was grateful for the opportunity.