evocation table

evocation table

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Morning evocation with Eastern chora angel reminds me that angels are ill concerned for helping humans support a faulty fantasy of ourselves or some sense of deserved circumstance. Instead the angel revealed truth and the simple path for true happiness which does not match the glimmering temptations of society nor my haughty imaginings. Not only are these angels veritable beyond question, they shred the illusions and fallacies of this world in an hour of words and images shown in stark clarity. How much do I really want to connect to divinity, and the world of spirit? How much do we (I) just really want to be externally gratified and supported by a spirit to fulfill physical extravagances?

Ironically, I remember when my magical experiments began with questions of, “is it real? Will it work?”  Now the questions are “Can I live in the way which the being describes? Will I do what is required to really be what I said I desired to be?”  Its not complicated…Its ridiculously simple.

Simple, but not easy. Obviously, what it means to be a “great magician” is defined by an angel differently than my own ego. I’m wagering on the side of the angel having clearer view of reality than myself these days……all days. I wonder how many people would actually acknowledge the truth if it was shown to them when asked?

Monday, April 2, 2012


I was hesitant to write this post but now feel confident that my DSIC book will FINALLY be a go after much waiting, and disheartening past moments from other publishers. I’m excited to finally get this thing moving once again! I know it seems as if I’ve made this post before but hopefully this will be the last time. I do not have a DATE FOR RELEASE of the book yet, but I do have confirmation of a contract and a very supportive publishing company who is behind me and thinks this book will be a tremendous success!

I’ve been continuing with my work and working with a promising student who is deciding to try this experiment and work it as I have given it as well. Even with the book’s progression toward print, the work that this book describes in detail has blossomed into a growing art which I hope will inspire many competent magicians. My hope is that it will yield similar, astounding fruit from its use and application.  Thank you to all my fellow magicians who have read and supported this work and in particular to Magus Michael Cecchetelli for introducing me to my prospective publisher.


Traditional magic work is tedious, time consuming, and difficult to juggle with the equal task of living a successful, modern-day lifestyle. The effects of results and experiences are worth it for those who achieve it though, and I hope this book will do just that for those who have a desire to see it done no matter the difficulty.

 Thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for this, I've been eager to get it to you....hopefully the wait shall not be much longer!