evocation table

evocation table

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Goetic Circle of Art

The canvas or portable magick 9ft circle rug: Somewhat historic by Islamic and other accounts of Solomonic magic, and possible origins of the "magic rug" also practical and reusable. This one I made with latex paints I treated magically and physically. The paint used for the white circle was mixed with 9 grams of iron filings, 9 grams of powdered consecrated sea salt, and a vial of holy water. The idea was spontaneous at the time to add reinforcement to the physical symbol. Luckily it turned out well and did not affect the paint negatively in any way.


  1. Could you make one for me? I live in the Philippines. How much would it cost? Thanks soul_in_transit at yahoo com

    1. This Goetic circle took me several hours and weeks to complete. The quality of the canvas, paints and materials used was quite costly. Painting this all by hand was probably one of the most challenging magical projects I've undertaken.
      I typically do not make magical items to sell, especially ones of this magnitude. Unless someone offered several thousands it simply would not be worth my time to do, sorry.

      It's better to make one on your own

  2. How big was the actual canvas as the circle we know is 9 feet? also, did you use the same names around the perimeter of the circle as dictated in the goetia?

  3. how much for u to make me one the same docjohndee@gmail.com