evocation table

evocation table

Monday, April 15, 2013

Reflections on the Great Archangels

As My Book GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE approaches its final stages being put into physical hard backs for readers to enjoy I reflect on the true magnificence of the subject matter. The work is ongoing for me, the experiences always new, humbling and fresh. My day today existence within the overwhelming uncertainty of the world causes me to marvel at the reality of their existence.

The Planetary Archangels exists as a veritable phenomenon beyond their attributed archetypes as transferred through the Greek and Babylonian concept of celestial humanoids. My continued experience with them has me often musing over the associated mythology and attributed persona. I wonder: How much of their appearance and interaction would be the same had I known nothing of their fabled attributes? The angel’s systematic attachment to the luminous bodies of the galaxy are all but ludicrous to most astronomers and astrophysicists. Yet there is a dynamic connectivity and influence between humanity and all movements of creation whether terrestrial or celestial if one truly observes. The precise nature and machinations of these subtle energies have not been comprehended entirely and are inevitably colored by the cultural. social, and archetypical framework which the perceiver functions within. Their subtlety is only apparent to the loosely sensitive or learned to the laws of hidden workings. Beyond inaccurately attributing a set personality and image to a nonphysical being, the wise men of our heritage have brought immeasurable forces of our universe in to close, intimate contact.
The above concepts are never lost on me in the moments leading up to angelic evocation, nor after the incredible encounter has subsided into reflection. However the encounter, no matter how incredible, is always profound and moving to my very core. There is no question or logical conflict of possibilities and interpretive experience while in the midst of magical experience. -The being appears, speaks; the measure of reality is capsized by the few moments of exchange which goes far beyond the bare words and gestures. There is no perfect explanation of ‘how’ this actually occurs. The fact that a culmination of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual elements are involved is undeniable. There is also a certainty that much more is occurring than even the beholding of a normally invisible presence. Somehow, I am reconnecting to the immeasurable forces of totality and instead of trying to observe them accurately and subjectively, I am an active participant, functioning perfectly in harmony with all that ever was
To stand in a sacred vestment of intentional design; to move with precision of powerful gestures and speak words that resound with the passion of creation, to feel the hum of patterns of energy that extend from the depths of mind, mouth, and magical intention. To feel implements in hand which were created with patience and purpose, come alive with the light of the nebulous strands that bond the material to the ethereal. To see and inhale the incense tendrils which course through the once empty space that is now becoming the very gateway to hidden worlds. -To sense my being slip from the practiced routine of ritual into the divine light of active creation in connectivity and come face to face with a presence that my conscious mind will continue to argue CANNOT exist, even after countless experiences –is the sacred treasure of the ceremonial magician. A gem of a experiential breakthrough that releases the lead weights of physical depression caused by illusion. A pure ecstasy of experience which has no other substitution. No other endeavor would propel me to take on such GREAT WORK beyond the absorbing labor of my day to day life.
There is only a fear imagined which would be a separation from the continued involvement in the world of hidden voices and illumined faces. That I may share this with others or encourage them to experience their own breakthrough is a joyful prospect of simply repaying a morsel of the blessings I’ve received.


  1. Congrats, Frater! Now I have a question: what magic system have you recommended for?

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