evocation table

evocation table

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Solictice Southern Fire ALMADEL

   I do not keep my blog updated as much as I ...could, I suppose. I keep in contact with other magicians over Facebook on a more regular basis, but for those who are interested in my magical workings, there are four major workings in undertaking which do not count daily and weekly practices.
These four are:
1. Tradtional, grimoric, Goetic evocation to 'physical manifestation'/apperence.
2. Weekley (Sunday) Almadel evocations.
3. Trithemius Angelic planatery evocations.
4.  Elemental evocations
There is some info I may be posting which will be back dated as I have been writing and adding to it as I've been practicing.
 This posting however is about the red Summer Almadel. I completed the Spring Air/White operation and performed an operation almost every Sunday of the season. I attempted and succeeded to contact all five of the Angels which are listed in The Lemegeton. The experiences were by far some of the most amazing I've experienced pursuing OSM, or traditional grimoric magicke ( spelling Goetia) by the book. So I've decided to continue in this work and intend to create and work with all four of the Almadel tablets and cross quarter angels of the elements/seasons. I've learned so much working with this system and believe that contact with these angels are imperative before attempting to successfully conjure and control the demons of the Goetia.
The Lemegeton seems to be set up for success when working it 'back to front', and may have actually been written that way originally. If originally from a Jewish tradition it would have been written thus.

   Although not described in the text itself, I believe each Almadel was intended to be inscribed with the triangle and inner words 'pointing' toward the names (and thus the proper direction/Chora/altitude) which the Almadel is designed. I designed the Eastern Almadel this way and received the before results so I'm taking this as a sign I'm on the right track. Also, I have followed the two Hebrew versions of the Almadel and corresponding names rather than the pictured one.

    Making the Southern Almadel was not quite as difficult or time consuming as the first (Eastern) one . I learned a lot after making the first one. It still took me from the hour of the sun (5:33 AM) till about 11:00 am though which was long enough. The process is tedious, time consuming, and potentially very messy with difficult clean up.

   I woke at 5:00 AM, washed, said part of the Solomonic bathing ritual, and went down to the magical room to retrieve everything I use to make the wax and clay items. Before the allotted time, I knelt in front of my altar with all the items , prayed over them and sprinkled everything with holy water.
   This coming Sunday will be my first in contacting these particular angels. I actually received advise from the Eastern angels on what to ask for and how to speak with them which was surprising.

 I have the other previous accounts recorded but I have not posted any them yet. I debate the idea with how much (magickal) information to share on an online blog. Regardless,I hope you've enjoyed the photos of my work. All the best in the Great work!


  1. Always love seeing pictures of your tools, brother.

  2. Thank you, I've enjoyed reading yours too, found through RO ;-)

  3. You are doing angelic invocations every week, so you are fasting all the time? Also what daily practices do you do?

  4. I do not 'fast' all the time but have altered my diet ( for my own health and well being not just for magic ;-) and try to adhere to a vegetarian…and moderate diet and do not eat anything at least 5 hours prior to any angelic work. As far as daily practices I do clearings, a self Reiki treatment, and breathing energy building in conjunction with Middle Pillar from the GD.

  5. Hi, Fra.AshenF.:N.:F

    I have been looking for such detailed information long time ago! Also, I am very impressed with your success!!!
    However, please, add more details for me. Is it very important to make Almadel during Sun hour? I know that it must be Sunday but not sure about exact hour. In addition, I cannot understand who Angels of five could be evoked in winter.
    To be clear, now is winter, beginning of January. There are five Angels of winter (4th) Hora. The next Sunday will be on 11 January – which one could be evoked? Also, is mastics very necessary or it can be replaced on frankincense as a sample?

    Probably, Sun has to be in defined Zodiac sign or in the planetary house?
    And last, please – triangle should be exactly golden or silver too?

    Sorry, for the huge question – BUT it is very important for me!

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Oleg, and thank you.

      I’ve come across several instances where making magical implements is best during the very first hour of the appropriate day and time. It initiations the freshness of new beginnings and focuses the strength and energy for that particular day and hour, along with all the associated energies associated with it. With the Almadel, each working or operation is intended to be invoked sequentially, on Sundays in the first, 8th, 15th, or, 22nd hours of the Day, which are the "Days and Hours of the Sun on an hour of every Sunday: I did all of my operations primarily on the First hour of the sun on the day of the Sun. So it seemed appropriate to begin all Almadel work, including making the tablets, on the same hour and day as the workings. Not only this but the crafting of EACH tablet took nearly the entire day of working from beginign to end and I did not want to extend through the night crafting one of these personally.

      I decided to begin crafting my Tablets on the Sunday morning nearest the Solstice or Equinox each was associated with. I started in Spring, in order the grimoire text presents itself and crafted the Almadel of the East. Timing, and the seasons are rather central to what this art is about and the angelic beings associated with them seem to be bound to the cycle. The text makes it clear that you should only call upon the angels whose time is congruent during the time of your operation. Each angel has about 2 or 3 Sundays where they can be evoked clearest and after that I found it became nearly impossible for them to arrive which told me it was another angel’s time for activity. The text states that, “ it will be in vain to call any of those Angels unless it be those that then governeth, For every Chora or Altitude, hath its limited time according to the 12 signs of the Zodiac and in that [what] signe the Sunn is in.” It is important to watch and pay attention to the changing signs during the days and weeks.

      The winter angels or angels of the North Chora are: Barchiel, Gediel, Gabiel, Deliel, & Captiel. Another close associate in theses arts, John King or IMPERIAL ARTS translates the names as thus:
      The Northern Chora, appearing with birds:

      BAR+ChY+AL (living well of God) to understand Resources

      GDY+AL (goat-kid of God) to understand Obligations

      DLYL (sparse) to understand Limitations

      KPYThH (binding) to understand Restrictions

      I never condone or encourage supplementation of any kind when it comes to classical magic/grimoric experiments/Old System Magic or the like. I’ve also never attempted to supplement the Mastic Gum incense with frankincense or anything else so I have no idea how or even IF it will work.

      The text states that the triangle talisman can be either silver or gold but that gold is best. When I began it was with a silver talisman and worked perfectly fine. Later on, a magical associate and friend of mine made me a pure gold talisman which seemed to work equally as well.

      I’ve heard of 3 other people crafting the Almadel tablets, and for some reason started in Summer or Winter. From what I’ve heard they have not yet been successful contacting the angels. I’m not sure if the timing of their crafting had anything to do with it or not.

    2. Hello, again Fra.Ashen Chassan F.:N.:F!

      Thanks a lot for so detailed answer!

      Please, some addition details. You write:

      “Although not described in the text itself, I believe each Almadel was intended to be inscribed with the triangle and inner words 'pointing' toward the names (and thus the proper direction/Chora/altitude) which the Almadel is designed. I designed the Eastern Almadel this way and received the before results so I'm taking this as a sign I'm on the right track.”

      1) YOU: “Inner words 'pointing' toward the names”

      Do you create names of corresponding Angels as signs/sigils and point golden tringle toward a sign/sigil of an angel?

      2) What size of golden tringle should be?

      3) I have found the Length of the side of A. Table but thickness!

      What is Thickness of the Table?

      Really last questions, please, answer 

      Thanks in advance!

    3. Hello oleg Did you work the almadel?

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