evocation table

evocation table

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Western Almadel


   Creation of the Fall Green/Silver Almadel came at a time where I am juggling my maximum of magical undertakings. The making of the tablets has never been 'easy' and this time I was making two sets. ( For private reasons unique solely to this occasion) .  The operation took all day from sunrise and was very rigorous despite my experience making these items twice now.
this much pure bees wax costs a fortune!

   Despite the prolonged labor, I've been excited for this set of operations due to my inherent agreeability toward the colors and mentioned angels. 

   Green and silver I'm particularly fond of, and this Almadel asks for the wax to contain both! I spent the early weeks debating how I wanted to add the 'silver color to the wax. Metallic colors are usually 'painted' on the outside of candles and not easy to produce by simple color dye. I did find a wax based metallic silver that worked perfectly and created mesmerizing swirls with the light green as I stirred it in.

The tapper candles proved the most difficult this time around and came out looking quite peculiar.
ohhh swhirrly

  The end result was rather curious and unique compared to my other two tablets. Actually each seems to be quite unique in look and feeling which I enjoy. I cannot wait to get these operations underway in the midst of my other magical endeavors. Once I complete all four tablets and operations, I may again write up a booklet of all my experiences and guild lines. That is, if interest for such things arises. 

 All in all I love how everything came out and happy that the two colors 'mixed' after all.  Lord knows how the magi did it back in the day. 
   The Almadel operations have been very 'reconnecting' for me. They are congruent to the 'classical' correspondences I've been use to since my lodge enthusiast days and really give a deeper edge on the spiritual connection to nature and the elements. After initial contacts, its great to ask/receive the angels consideration harnessing your elemental prowess through your chosen implement.
My 'Water' Chalice

The break with the flim-flamy modern methods comes with a reconsideration of just how and why your implement works for you. Only way to get a new perspective is to get new advice. These angels are great for that. Scrying angelic beings is probably one of the most fulfilling  acts of ritual magic with the least amount of headache (after you get everything made!)
Completed Western Almadel

NO worries to my DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTALS fans, I'm still making sure all is set and ready before offering it out. Stay posted!

By the way, these two systems are GREAT for becoming a top rate scryer, and perfect for delving into angelic communication of various degrees.


  1. Absolutely amazing, brother. Your dedication to the work of the Almadel knows little limit.

  2. Thank you Magus, it has been quite an experience thus far. After the winter tablet and a full years cycle, I should have a new book ready of my experiences. Something new to offer, that is, if people find my first work enjoyable!

  3. Quite brilliant! What material can be used to make the mold for the candle wax? I would like to have an equally square table for my Almadel.

  4. I must say this is a great blog!! I am in the process of ordering your book "Gateways through Stone and Circle" and I am really really hoping you are writing or considering writing a book on the almadel technique and system. Great work frater!!

  5. Where did you get that chalice? WOW.