evocation table

evocation table

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My book promotion video was finished at the start of the new year. I'm just hoping the actual book will be ready in time.


  1. Thank you for publishing such work in as you said "vivid detail"! I will be using this to help me go down the path that I wish. Much thanks to you and all those who publish such fine work!

  2. The video teaser is so good I'm anticipating a feature film based on the book. You have me hooked!..cannot wait for the release - this is one tome I will purchase and work with.

  3. Dear Frater Ashen

    I have been meaning to contact you directly for a while now, but I decided to wait until the Theme for the upcoming PILLARS (issue.2 - "The Golden Eitr") was solid before humbly asking you if you would be interested in contributing to the upcoming issue of PILLARS.

    My name is Gabriel McCaughry, editor at ANATHEMA Publishing, hence the man behind PILLARS periodical Journal, which recently released its first issue for the world to behold, and so far, it has been quite the success, as we almost sold all the issues we had in a record time and the word at large is a very positive one, and I am grateful for that. It was a lot of work to do alone but all worth it, and of course, I wish to renew the exercise and thus move forward to issue no.2.

    I would very much appreciate the insight of a seasoned ceremonial magician to explain in detail a ritual operation somehow linked to the theme-at-hand.

    - Please check out the url links below to see some pictures of PILLARS I, as well as the various information concerning Anathema Publishing. I also made sure to attach some graphic material related to PILLARS II, containing the Submission Guidelines and overall Theme. -

    I am thoroughly aware you must have a very busy schedule, (and by the way, congratulations on your upcoming book soon to be released via Nephilim), but nonetheless I needed to ask.

    I am at your disposal and will be pleased to answer your questions if need be,
    Thanking you for your time, sincerely


    Email: strychnine357@gmail.com


    PS: For your consideration, please read these here 2 links to know what the second issue of PILLARS is about, ie. keywords, symbols etc, around which a piece can be weaved. The central theme being very open as it pertains the all-encompassing Duality folding into the One, and the many interpretations that can derive from such a dichotomy.